Warpage & Flatness Measurement & Inspection

  • Substrate, PCB, Component, & Wafer-level Warpage Inspection Systems
  • Warpage & Flatness Measurement & Analysis Services
  • Strain & Flatness Measurement at Temperature (Static & Dynamic) for Curing, Reflow Profiles, Etc.
  • Generation of Graphical & Statistical Data

3D & 2D Sensing Technology Solutions

  • AOI, SPI & CMM Inspection
  • SMT, Semiconductor, Water Level and Industrial Metrology
  • Proprietary Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensor technology for high accuracy
  • All sensors, software, engineering produced in the USA.

EPO-TEK Specialty Adhesive Excellence Since 1966

  • UV/Epoxy Hybrid Adhesives
  • Low Outgassing Adhesives
  • Halogen Free Epoxies
  • Specialty UV Adhesives
  • Specialty Medical Adhesives

Potting and encapsulating formulations

  • Materials include epoxies, urethanes, silicones, and UV products
  • Thermally conductive, electrically insulating potting compounds and adhesives for power electronics industry
  • UL 94V-0 listed flame retardant compounds
  • Structural adhesives for bonding a variety of substrates

Process & Assembly Materials

  • Over 300 Alloys: Solder Paste, Preforms, Spheres, Foil, Ribbon, Wire, Ingot, Shot, etc.
  • Solder Flux: Wave, Rework, Touch-up, PoP/Dipping, Ball Attach, etc.
  • Thermal Interface Materials: Metals & Paste
  • NanoFoil Exothermic Reactive Heat Source & Soldering Materials
  • Solar Manufacturing & Assembly Materials
  • Legislative Compliance Products: RoHS, REACH, Halogen-free, Halide-free, etc.
  • Applications Engineering & Technical Support
  • ISO & ITAR certified

Advanced Technology Assembly Services

  • Process Support and Development
  • Product Development and Assembly Services
  • Analytical Services (Advanced Research in Electronics Assembly)

Cleaning Chemistries & Solutions

  • Aqueous, semi-aqueous, solvent and vapor degreasing products
  • Marketed under AXAREL™, BIOACT™, HYDREX™ and LENIUM™
  • Solvents for PCB rework & conformal coating removal
  • Cleaners for stencil, misprint, pallet, oven & wave solder equipment
  • Cleaners & defluxers for PCBs, and electronic components
  • Manufactured domestically & ISO Certified