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ANSYS DfR Solutions is the leading provider of quality, reliability, and safety services for the electronics industry. We support clients across electronic technology markets including aviation and aerospace, automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, military, solar, telecommunications, as well as throughout the electronic component and material supply chain.

Our industry expertise and innovative reliability software tools empower customers to maximize and accelerate product design and development while saving time, managing resources, and improving customer satisfaction.

Applying an integrated use of the science of Physics of Failure ( best practices, and an in depth understanding of industry standards, we provide crucial insights and solutions early in product design and throughout the product life cycle.


  • Rapid Feedback on Product Design
  • Reliability Prediction Using Physics of Failure
  • Accelerate Design Failure & Effects Analysis (DFMEA)
  • Speeds Finite Element Analysis (FEA)


ISO 9001 Certified

ITAR Certified
ANSYS DfR Solutions is called upon to support reliability-critical applications. Our team has security clearances for US government projects, and adheres to the highest quality standards.

The ANSYS DfR Solutions Technical Team

The greatest advantage of utilizing DfR solutions is its team of industry experts. Our team brings you combined knowledge covering most facets of electronics manufacturing, and long years of hands-on experience. Working daily with other members of the team, called upon regularly as failure analysts, and testing the newest designs and materials, they bring state-of the art knowledge to your requirements. Each of our experts has the entire DfR team and knowledge base available, the DfR laboratory at their disposal, and the DfR infrastructure allowing their valuable time to be completely dedicated to your technical requirements.

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ANSYS DfR Staff 




ANSYS DfR Services

Design Review
Modeling and Simulation
Supplier Assessment
Material Testing/Qualification
Component Testing/Qualification
Product Testing/Validation
Failure Analysis
Counterfeit Detection
Battery reliability analysis & testing
Education & Training

For more information on ANSYS DfR Solutions services, please contact Creyr Innovation, or visit the ANSYS DfR Solutions website.