Warpage & Flatness Measurement & Inspection

  • Substrate, PCB, Component, & Wafer-level Warpage Inspection Systems
  • Warpage & Flatness Measurement & Analysis Services
  • Strain & Flatness Measurement at Temperature (Static & Dynamic) for Curing,
    Reflow Profiles, Etc.
  • Generation of Graphical & Statistical Data


DfR Solutions

Engineering, Laboratory, & Design for Reliability Services

  • Technology Implementation – Assuring Reliability with Proven or New/Disruptive Technology
  • Failure Analysis: Root Cause, Mitigation
  • Design Review, Design for Reliability, Design for Manufacturing
  • Reliability Program Generation & Support
  • Testing & Product Qualification
  • Design Review
  • Product Application Documentation/Notes
  • Supply Chain Evaluation & Audits
  • Focused Research for Quality, Reliability, & Durability


Process & Assembly Materials

  • Over 300 Alloys: Solder Paste, Preforms, Spheres, Foil, Ribbon, Wire, Ingot, Shot, etc.
  • Solder Flux: Wave, Rework, Touch-up, PoP/Dipping, Ball Attach, etc.
  • Thermal Interface Materials: Metals & Paste
  • NanoFoil Exothermic Reactive Heat Source & Soldering Materials
  • Solar Manufacturing & Assembly Materials
  • Legislative Compliance Products: RoHS, REACH, Halogen-free, Halide-free, etc.
  • Applications Engineering & Technical Support
  • ISO & ITAR certified




Screens & Stencils for Precision Materials Deposition

  • Screens for Thick Film Printing, including High Tension Mesh Options
  • State-of-the-art Automated, High-Precision Emulsion Coating
  • Large Format Screens for Solar Metallization, Membrane Switch Assemblies, Control Panels & More
  • G-Stencil Technology Ultra-Thin, Laser Cut Stencils
  • Quick-Turn Screen Programs
  • Next Day Delivery Standard for Stencils
  • PhD Stainless, NanoCoating Options
  • Fully Automatic Optical Inspection
  • ITAR Certified




Microelectronics Manufacturing & Metrology Equipment

  • Epoxy Die Attach & Flip Chip Attach
  • Thermosonic Bonding (Au to Au, Cu to Cu, Cu to SnAg, etc.)
  • Plasma Cleaning, Dry Etching, Plasma Dicing
  • 3D Profilimetry/Metrology (AFM)


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Solder Paste Inspection Systems

  • 3D AOI assembly  inspection equipment
  • In-line 3D SPI assembly inspection equipment
  • 3D CT X-ray auto inspection machines with image slicing
  • Optical 2D-AOI for high speed production lines