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Selective EquipmentGoSelective

GoSelective Info

  • Particularly for small and medium-sized production volumes that require a flexible and precise miniwave soldering process.

GoSelective-LS Info

  • Flexible and ergonomic: particularly for small and medium-sized volumes flexibly manufactured in miniwave soldering processes, or with short cycle times in dip soldering processes.

SelectiveLine Info

  • The flexible miniwave soldering system for medium-sized to large production volumes … expandable with additional external modules.

LeanSelect Info

  • Flexible, short cycle times and consistently designed according to Lean Equipment Design Guidelines.

SelectLine Info

  • Outstanding flexibility and modularity: our solution for miniwave and dip soldering processes in a pass-through operation.

PowerSelective Info

  • For flexible miniwave soldering processes and dip soldering processes that guarantee short cycle times. The high-end system which leaves nothing to be desired.

PowerRepair Info

  • Professional with low costs: the semi-automatic repair system for precise desoldering and soldering of through-hole components.


Reflow Soldering

Seho - GoReflow1.8

GoReflow Info

  • Compact machine technology for small and medium-sized production series with convincing price-performance-ratio.

PowerReflow-2 Info

  • The powerful reflow soldering system for medium to large manufacturing volumes, ensuring high profitability of your surface mount production.

MaxiReflow Info

  • The high-end system with many innovative details. This reflow system leaves nothing to be desired.

MaxiReflow HP Info

  • Innovative technology for virtually void-free reflow soldering processes. Particularly suited for demanding applications.


Wave Soldering

Seho - GoWave 1030

GoWave Info

  • The ideal system for entry into automated wave soldering and small production volumes.

PowerWave Info

  • The modular system for medium production volumes, to be soldered in ambient atmosphere or with local nitrogen inertion of the solder bath.

PowerWave N2 Info

  • For medium production volumes with demanding quality requirements. The smallest full tunnel nitrogen wave soldering system from SEHO.
Seho - MaxiWave2340C

MaxiWave 2300 C Info

  • The up-to-date nitrogen wave soldering system with low investment cost.

MWS 2300 Info

  • Maximum flexibility and performance – state of the art full tunnel nitrogen wave soldering system for demanding applications and high production volumes.


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