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3D AOI assembly inspection equipment
In-line 3D SPI assembly inspection equipment
3D CT X-ray auto inspection machines with image slicing
Optical 2D-AOI for high speed production lines


BF-X2 3D X-ray inspection systemBF-Noah_EXT_Pic
Saki’s unique “Planar CT” technology generates high-precision 3D inspection data.
3D X-Ray becomes a major solution in SMT inspection.
Automated high-resolution 3D measurement technology.
Revolution of 3D X-ray High-Speed Inspection.
Seamless 3D data improves inspection efficiency.
Utilize automated 3D image reconstruction to perform inspection and analysis at the same time.
Achieve even greater efficiency with Saki’s peripheral systems.

In-Line 3D Solder Paste Inspection System


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