Panasonic Factory Automation

Factory Automation Solutions for Microelectronics assembly

Panasonic offers high-accuracy and reliable electronics assembly equipment for microelectronics back-end packaging processes.

Microelectronics Equipment

Panasonic’s high-accuracy, versatile microelectronics equipment offerings support technologies such as epoxy die attach, thermo-compression (TC) and thermo-sonic (TS) processing, plasma reactive ion etching (RIE) surface cleaning, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) etching, wafer plasma dicing, and atomic force microscopy (AFM) based profilimetry.

Die Bonding & Flip Chip Bonding

  • Thermo-sonic bonding capable
  • High accuracy
  • Flexible for multiple die
  • Suitable for very thin and small die
  • Flip Chip Bonder is process-flexible, combining flip chip, thermo-sonic, and thermo-compression bonding in a single, small footprint solution

Plasma Cleaning

  • High-speed, uniform parallel plate technology
  • Fast – up to 360 substrates/strips per hour
  • Highly productive – inline processing for improved bonding, over molding and underfill
  • Ar, O2 or mixed gas plasma (Anne please make the 2 in O2 a subscript)

Plasma Dicing

  • Ideal dicing solution for thin, brittle, and ultra-small die packages
  • Ability to singulate die in a variety of geometric shapes
  • Achieve ultra-narrow dicing streets (20μm)
  • Plasma dicing will not induce edge chipping like blade dicing or surface layer stress damage related to mechanical heat

Plasma Dry Etching

Suited for:

  • Bonding of 3D Lamination
  • MEMS
  • High aspect and micro fabrication
  • Device processing of a wide variety of materials


    • Atomic force microscopy (AFM) technology
    • Our unique approach uses atomic force probe technology in the stylus and HeNe laser-based interferometric XYZ axis positioning
    • UA3P-L profilometer measures the vertical wall surfaces of objects and the interior surface of micron-level holes. Vertical and horizontal measurements can be made with the same probe
    • UA3P profilometer series is designed to measure aspherical lenses & molds, semiconductor wafers, and any other precision component requiring nanometer-level accuracy


For more information on Panasonic equipment, please contact Creyr Innovation, or visit the Panasonic website.

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Panasonic Bonding Stage


AFM Probe


20u Dicing Trench