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Screens & Stencils for Exacting Requirements, Challenging Applications, & Everyday Reliability

MicroScreen has invested in state of the art technology, facilities, and highly trained staff, to provide you the most advanced screens and stencil options.


MicroScreen provides more options than any other US screen vendor.

  • Infinitely variable emulsion thickness – unlike common capillary emulsions, our automatically deposited liquid emulsion can be applied to any desired thickness, with consistency of +/- 1 micron.
  • High tension screens – please call for selection of high tension screen materials.
  • Even tension for better deposition. Combining our carefully trained technicians and the highest quality stretching tables, we provide the most stable and consistent screens available.
  • Large format options. MicroScreen can produce screens up to 70” x 102”.
  • Quick turn programs available.
  • ITAR registered.


MicroScreen provides consistent quality, fast turnaround, and unique technology solutions.

  • Same day shipping (ask us about artwork and review timing).
  • Better than electroform – available G-Stencil technology provides paste release properties and aperture aspect ratios previously only obtainable with electroform stencils, in a fraction of the time and at a far lower price than electroform.
  • Nanocoating available for improved release on all stencils.
  • MicroWeld technology gives you, literally, a step up. Add metal in an area which needs a thicker stencil, or add a protective guard to a dimensional board surface feature. Please call and and we’ll show you how.
  • ITAR registered.
To learn more, please contact Creyr Innovation or visit MicroScreen’s website.


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